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Upfrofit Trader Review 2021

Uprofit Trader: One of the Most Flexible Funding Companies for Trading

In many cases, traders acquire the ability to operate in different exchanges and with distinct assets, but unfortunately do not count with enough capital to trade or simply they are not as sure to risk their own money on the operations. In that case, a funding company focused on trading is the best way to obtain resources and an account to trade with, such as Uprofit Trader by completing an evaluation process.

What is Uprofit Trader Exactly?

Thoroughly, Uprofit Trader is a funding company that looks for to provide professional traders with the opportunity to manage an account with real resources, so they can get profit through different trading operations carried under specific and personalized strategies. In this way, talented traders from around the world have the chance to get benefits by trading in different exchange markets and with distinct sorts of assets.

There are a few reasons why Uprofit Trader is different to other funding companies of the same style. For instance, it is one of the few companies that allow to perform Swing trading operations, with the easiest evaluation to apply for a 50.000$ or Six-contract account due to the 2.500 profit target, and Uprofit Trader provides the most seamless withdraw procedure, but more on that later.

In order for traders to have access to a funded account, an evaluation process must be carried out where the trader chooses a similar program compared to such account, in which profitability, risk management and consistency are demonstrated, or not, with the achievement of certain rules and other parameters. LetĀ“s dig deeper.

How does Uprofit Trader Work?

At the time of choosing an evaluation plan that should be tightly related with the wanted funded account to get as goal, there are three specific options at Uprofit Trader to select from, so the picking process should be quite straightforward. Available assets to trade are those belonging to the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT. These are the accounts:

  • 000$: with this account, the profit target at the end of the evaluation must reach at least 1.500$, carrying a top amount of three contracts, never surpassing the 500$ mark respecting Daily Loss Limit and the Max Drawdown of 1.250$. The monthly fee while performing the evaluation using this account is 145$.


  • 000$: for many, this is the sweet spot in terms of monthly cost, future borrowed money and profit target in the evaluation, which is of 2.500$ and less in comparison to other funding companies. Top contracts to use at once are six, Daily Loss Limit reaches 1.100$, Max Drawdown is of 2.000$ and the monthly quote to pay is 160$ while the evaluation is finished, only a 15$ difference compared to the previous account.


  • 000$: top of the line account with the highest rates. When the evaluation period is finished the profit should mark 6.000$ or more. 12 contracts tops at the same time, a Daily Loss Limit rate of 2.200$ and Max Drawdown of 3.000$ during the whole process. This account for big guys costs 315$ per month while the evaluation is completed.

As said before, Uprofit Trader allows traders to perform Swing operations by trading with microfutures. The account to do it is:

  • MicroFutures 9K Program: specialized program for traders that carry out Swing operations or that trade microfutures. Only assets that belong to the CME group are allowed: Micro-E Mini NASDAQ or MNQ, Micro-E Mini ES or MES and Micro E-Mini Russell 2000 or M2K.


Balance account must be at least of 9.000$ and a 10 percent of that figure is the Profit Target, meaning 900$. While top number of Contracts is 5, the Daily Loss Limit is 350$ and the Max Drawdown must not surpass 800$ during the evaluation. Monthly quote to pay is 89$.

Mandatory Rules to Follow Respecting Uprofit Trader Funding Accounts

While completing the evaluation and then trading while being professional with the funded account, there are certain rules to follow that are mandatory that are designed to guarantee proper risk management, profitability and consistency in the trading strategy and income. The rules are:

  • Completing the evaluation must involve at least a 10-day period of active operations, and to achieve the Profit Target the trader can last as long as they consider. For Swing operations, the trading period must be of at least of 15 days.
  • Top number of contracts corresponding to the selected account must never be surpassed.
  • Daily Loss Limit must never be surpassed. It is calculated in real times and commissions are included.
  • Max Drawdown must never be surpassed. It has a trailing format, which means that it is modified while benefits increase.
  • Operations must be carried out in allowed schedule only.
  • Only allowed assets can be traded.

While the majority of the rules do not require complete suspension of the evaluation in cases of happening, there are two that do: reaching the Max Drawdown or the Daily Loss Limit at any giving time. A reset will be needed.

When evaluation is finished, traders must sent results via email and complete a form to get the Uprofit Trader Live funded account, following the same rules without paying evaluation fees while another ones are added: initial assignment payment, commissions and fees for exchanges rates and operations, licensing and more.

Commissions and Withdraws Respecting Uprofit Trader

Commissions are different when it comes to the evaluation stage and then passing to the actual funded account. Every operation while still on the evaluation is 5$ for futures and 1$ for microfutures, being set without modification. On the other hand, commissions applied while actually trading depend greatly on the traded asset, starting from 1.20$ and rising all the way to 6.20$ for every operation.

Speaking about withdraws, this is a matter that definitely means one of the Uprofit TraderĀ“s strong suits, since getting money is very easy and withdraws can be done from the very first day. An email must be sent with the required amount and the platform will process the payment on the weekdays and send them on Thursdays.

From the start, profit sharing approach of Uprofit Trader is 80/20: 80% percent of the earnings for the trader, 20% of the benefit for the funding company.


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