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Leeloo Trading

Trading have become a huge deal over the last decade, with millions of possible traders around the world that are learning how to sell and buy stocks, commodities, futures and other assets taking advantage of patterns and market behavior to obtain profit. Either way, this would not be possible without a capital or fund to start, which Leeloo seems to be the best way to get for those beginners and professionals who want to start trading seriously. 

Let¬īs talk about Leeloo and how this funding company for traders work, becoming a great choice in comparison to direct competitors due to a more flexible approach respecting rules, and the actual interest on allowing traders to succeed in their purpose.¬†

What is Leeloo Trading?  

In details, Leeloo Trading is a funding company for traders who are looking to trade on real time on an actual account with money, in order to obtain profit with the operations. There are other platforms of this type: One Up Trader and Top Step Trader are great examples, but these ones have a more restrictive approach in terms of rules and evaluation. 

With the Leeloo Trading platform, the approach is letting traders to achieve their goals and to become successful, using their own trading methods, giving them 90% of their income from the second year and keep investors in their accounts. 

This can be demonstrated by the fact that this platform is the only one that provides NinjaTrader for free (saving traders at least 700 $ per year) and trading in news is possible. 

How does Leeloo Trading Work?

As funding platform focused on traders, Leeloo Trading works under certain rules and premises that aspiring beneficiaries must meet, in terms of risk management capabilities, operability and results. These skills are thoroughly studied through an evaluation process that last 10 days, which is the minimum period, it can be longer in case there is the need to have more time to achieve the goals, though. 

Once the evaluation is passed, the same rules apply on a simulated account the trader is given and once the goals there in terms of operations and figures are carried out, it can be opted for a real account with actual funds. 

All of this process must be paid by the aspiring trader and depends on the selected type and size of account. In Leeloo Trading, accounts are measured in contracts and can be chosen between Investor and Accelerator sorts. Accelerator account has two phases the number of contracts can rise with every operations, while in Investor accounts is stationary. These types of accounts have other differences between each other. 

Accounts start at 3 contracts, suitable for beginners and can go up to 30 contracts. Every account has its own specific profit margin or figure to reach, max drawdown or top figure to lose and 80/20 profit split the first year. 

Different assets that can be traded in the platform are: CME futures, microfutures, EUREX with an external fee. 

Rules of the Evaluation Process in Leeloo Trading 

Any funding company focused on trading will evaluate aspiring candidates in their intention on managing an account, and to do it they must demonstrate their skills on how to make trading profitable and according to a set of important rules. 

Fortunately, Leeloo trading has one of the most, if the not the most, flexible approach respecting rules and evaluation, since the platform¬īs intention is that traders operate with their strategies and do not get influenced by financing rules. Two words are important here: consistency in trading and proper risk management.

Rules are: 

  • Reach the profit target of the selected account type.
  • Non-stopping period of 10 business days trading, starting and ending operations.¬†
  • Make use of the maximum number of contracts permitted.
  • Never Fall below the LTMAB or Limited Trailing Minimum Account Balance.¬†¬†

Actually, only the last one rule mentioned previously is reason for Leeloo Trading to suspend an account, which in that case must be reset so the trader can start over. This process is not free and every reset results in a 75 dollar fee to recover the account and start the evaluation again. The LTMAB is set with the account at first and then changes according to balance. 

For example, the account with 12 contracts has a profit target of 6.000 $ and a LTMAB or max drawdown of 3.000 $, so balance must never be below it. Once the evaluation is finished and passed, the trader should sent the requested information to Leeloo Trading through email and wait for results. 

At that moment, evaluation fees are not charged anymore and other fees will be monthly quote for account maintenance, operation commissions and trading platform licensing in case Ninjatrader is no used. 

Withdraws Respecting Leeloo Trading 

When it comes to withdraws, it all depends on the type of account, Accelerator or Investor, which the trader selected to trade. Nevertheless, they both have in common that allow withdraws through bank transfer and PayPal. Using this last option, withdraws are restricted to 1.000 $. 

To carry out withdraws using Accelerator accounts, trader must wait 30 days to perform the first one and withdraw requests are processed once a month, on Tuesday or Wednesday of the last week of the month. 

Withdraws regarding Investor accounts are a lot more restricted, since are designed for long-term use. So, to make withdraws minimum balance figures must be reached: 26.600 $ for three-contract accounts to 307.600 $ for thirty-contract accounts. Also, first four withdraws will be limited. 

Taking Advantage of Discounts Using Leeloo Trading 

Leeloo Trading is a platform that offers a great series of discounts through promo codes and coupons that can be redeemed for great reductions in price respecting every account for evaluation. 

For example, this code should work to get a 15% discount in every account: MUGXUTGG

Opinions and Reviews Respecting Leeloo Trading 

In general, traders and specialized reviewers praise the flexible approach Leeloo Trading has, especially if compared with some of the direct competitors whose evaluation process is a lot more restrictive and limiting, which can result in traders working using a different strategy than the actual one they would like to use and design to obtain the most benefit, meaning in performance loss and as obstacle to trade using the trading funding platform. 


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