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Earn2Trade: The Ultimate Teaching and Funding Company for Traders

When it comes to trading, there are two aspects that are extremally important: the teaching or training process traders must have to be able to operate successfully and with profit, and the possibility have funds or capital to start operating either with futures, in the FOREX Exchange and many others. Earn2Trade is a company and platform in which traders can be trained, taught and funded, all at the same time.

What is exactly Earn2Trade?

In details, Earn2Trade is a training school and also a funding company for traders, all at the same time and focused on giving students the possibility to prove their skills with an evaluation and later provide funds to operate accordingly.

Due to its academic approach, Earn2Trade is the perfect platform since they recruit the best students and guarantee funds from their investing partners, and also continuing training with personalized tutoring and resources. In this way, traders are able to become successful in futures and FOREX Exchange operating.

Currently, the company offers three plans: Beginners Crash Course; this one does not involve an evaluation and focused on training only, Bootcamp that actually includes an evaluation to test learners’ skills and funding possibilities, and the Gauntlet as the ultimate evaluation to get funded accounts.

Possibilities and Plans Operating with Earn2Trader

As mentioned before, there are three plans offered by Earn2Trader in which two of them are combined teaching and evaluating approaches, while one of them is only focused on testing and funding and more directed to experienced traders. LetĀ“s address the Bootcamp and the Gauntlet plans since are the ways in which students and traders in general can get funding.


For unexperienced traders and those that want to learn more, Bootcamp is the program that combines training and evaluation to apply for funding at the end of it, all at once.

With Bootcamp, students complete a six-month course that involve from webinars to online classes, an expert that evaluate results on a trading simulator and more. When the course is finished, the students will be able to prove their skills with a simulated Gauntlet account and if they pass it, funding is possible to have.

Right now, the Bootcamp plan has a cost of 2.500 $ over 24 weeks and including four different sections: Basic Concepts, Advanced Concepts, Practice and Simulation and the Gauntlet test.

Gauntlet: Evaluation and Funding Plan

Earn2TradeĀ“s evaluation and funding plans are called Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini, having both of them different approaches, rules, characteristics and costs. LetĀ“s see the features of these two evaluation and funding plans for traders.


The Gauntlet account is the one with the freer approach, meaning that rules are fewer and is designed to fund different styles of traders, so their work and operation are natural and not influenced and somehow limited or modified by the evaluation. The characteristics of the account are:

  • For a period of 60 days, the trader must manage a 25.000 $ account.
  • Completely customizable account with added rules: daily loss, maximum stop loss, ETC.
  • compatible exchanges: NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT, CME, FOREX and EUREX (80$ subscription data required)
  • LiveSim is the next step once the evaluation is finished and goals achieved.

In terms of rules, Gauntlet involves some parameters that are actually a few in comparison to evaluations from other trading funding companies, such as:

  • Configure and send a trading plan.
  • Performing trading operations for at least 30 days.
  • Performing trading operations at least once a week.
  • Obtained a total profit of a 10% over the available account resources.
  • Having a maximum drawdown of 10%.

The total cost of the Gauntlet evaluation process is 429 $ and if is passed with a maximum drawdown of about 2%, it will be free and money return to the trader. Once the trader becomes a professional, maximum drawdown must never be surpassed and benefits will be divided into 20/80 between Earn2Trade and trader, respectively.

Gauntlet Mini

The Gauntlet Mini is the most traditional evaluation and funding plan for traders, involving a shorter period of time, different account options and paid monthly. Features are:

  • Evaluation must be passed within a period of 15 days.
  • It is a one-phase evaluation.
  • Different accounts start from 25.000$ all the way to 150.000$.
  • All accounts involve conditions respecting: profit target, trailing drawdown, daily loss limit and position size or contracts.

Rules are more extensive respecting this evaluation and fund program, having great relevance consistency strategy and risk management.

  • Reach the corresponding profit target of the selected account.
  • Do not surpass the daily loss limit.
  • Respect the top number of contracts regarding the selected account.
  • Do not surpass the trailing drawdown.
  • During news is not possible to trade.
  • Consistency rule (global daily profit must not surpass 30%)

If any of the previous rules is not met, the evaluation process is canceled and the test must be reset, with additional cost of 100$.

Available Platforms to Trade with Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade is compatible with different platforms to perform the evaluation process and still operating after is passed. From scratch, with the cost of the evaluation is included the right to use the Finamark platform, and after becoming professional there is a free 90-day period to still operating.

In case traders want to use other trading platforms, the most recommended are: RJTrader Pro, Photon, Agena Trader, BookMap, Jigsaw Trading and others. NinjaTrading is not recommended.

Earn2Trade: Commissions and Withdraws

Like any other trading evaluation process and actual account managing, every operation generates a commission that must be paid. While performing the evaluation, commissions go from 1,16$ to 4,44$ for microfutures, although rates change depending on the operated asset to simulate real trading.

When funded account is traded, commissions go from 1,16$ to 6,02 $ depending on the asset that is being operated.

When it comes to withdraws, Earn2Trade is one of the freer platforms out there. Money can be withdrawn any time and from the first moment. The process requires sending an email with requested amount and every Thursday they are submitted. Money is received through bank accounts or ACH deposits. Minimum withdraw amount is 100$ and 20% of such figure will be kept by Earn2Trade.